Women’s Underwear and Girdles of the 50’s and 60’s

Common bra of the 50's

Common bra of the 50's

Underwear and even girdles have come a long way since the 50’s and 60’s. During the early 50’s Bras, underwear, girdles, corsets, and hose were changing for the better to help make women feel more comfortable in them.

The bullet bra first made its appearance during the 40’s and continued till the late 60’s. These bras were immortalized by movie starts such as Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner. Because of the way a sweater would cling to the bra, and the illusion it would create, a new fad was born from this bra called the ‘sweater look’.

The bullet bra was a bra with coned shaped supports. This created an illusion of a larger chest. The bras went out of style during the 60’s as new, more comfortable form fitting bras came out.

Corsets were very popular during the 50’s and a little of the 60’s. They would help women achieve that small waist, tight butt, and lifted breast look that all the stars had. There were many types of corsets, each having their ideal look for women.

Advertisement for women

Advertisement for women

Originally, women would have a friend or a husband have to help them into their corsets. They would need someone to tie up in the back. This started to change as new designs and fabrics were implemented. Soon, seamless corsets were on the market.

Girdles came along quickly and liberated women from uncomfortable full-length corsets. Girdle’s main focus was to make the butt appear to be lifted and firm. It also had attachments for women’s hose.

Picture 11Hose were an important part of a women’s outfit during the 50’s and 60’s. The most popular stylish hose usually had a long black line down the back of the leg. During WWII when there was a shortage of hose, women used eyeliner or dark markers to draw lines down the back of their let to give the illusion of wearing hose.

Many women didn’t have the money to be buying the latest bras, corsets, or girdles. Instead, these women used old silk or fabric from wedding dresses to make their own. Many 50’s fashion magazines taught women how to make their own bras that would be fitted and personally tailored to their unique body.

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