Women’s Grooming in the Fifties

Common Hair Dryer of the 50's

Common Hair Dryer of the 50's

Women’s grooming during the 50’s and 60’s were not much different from what we do know-a-days. You can still find some slight differences from their make-up to nail and hair care.

50’s fashion was the more subtle and natural the better. Women were less worried about having a tan and dark eyes and more worried about having flawless skin. They would cover their flaws with light powder or liquid foundations.

The blushes and eye shadows of the day were very creamy light colors although women would put on a little darker eye shadow when going out at night. Flashy lipstick colors were very much in style. Bold colors such as scarlet red were worn by many women of the time.

Makeup between the 50’s and 60’s changed from, ‘the more natural the better’ to ‘the more bold the better’. Many girls wore dark dramatic eyeliner that had a rather Cleopatra curve at the end. This was also the time when false eyelashes weren’t just for Hollywood but a part of everyday life.

Hair dryer in the 20's

Hair dryer in the 20's

Natural nails were the way to go during the 50’s and 60’s. Long rounded tipped nails were elegant and since they didn’t have acrylic nails, they weren’t too expensive to keep up. For the wealthy of the 50’s and 60’s their had been a type of nail extension or acrylic nails that had been developed called the platform or Pattinail, but these were not widely used.

Although hair dryers were originally invented in the 1920s, they were never really useful in homes until the 1950’s. The original blow dryers could be quite scary to first time users because of how large they were. They weren’t really taken seriously until the 1950’s when hand held blow dryers were developed.

Lucy Ricardo was famous for her hair care

Lucy Ricardo was famous for her hair care

Both men and women have been dying their hair for ages. During the 1950’s they didn’t have all the different dying chemicals that we now have, instead, they were using henna. Henna is a powdered leaf of a tropical shrub that is used for hair or body dye.

Lucy Ricardo was huge into dying her hair. In one episode of I Love Lucy she actually reveals that her true hair color was a ‘mousy brown.’ She was a huge proponent of Henna hair dye. In fact, Lucy Ricardo’s famous recipe for her hair dye was one gallon of water to cup of henna.

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One Response to “Women’s Grooming in the Fifties”

  1. martha farber says:

    oh what memories,,,oh what fun..im 66 loved your whole presentation…give us more more more. i remember mascara in a compact with tiny brush. bobby pins with know rubber tips. know such thing as hair spray. very tight skirts, with kick pleats. earrings that screwed on. revlon red lip stick.
    thanks for the memories

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