Women’s Hairstyles of the 50’s and 60’s

1950’s Hairstyles

During the 50s women kept their hair fairly short. For example, the pixie haircut was very popular. This was worn by many actresses of the time, including Audrey Hepburn. Pixie

Audrey Hepburn sporting an adorable pixie hairdo

Audrey Hepburn sporting an adorable pixie hairdo

haircuts are very short and combed back close to the head. From the front it can appear that your hair is pulled back into a ponytail. This was perfect because ponytails were very much in style at the time. Pixie hairdos kept their femininity by having short bangs that were loosely curled.

A similar hairstyle was the poodle cut. This was fairly short as well, but tended to have a little extra length to make sure you could curl your hair. It was a cute 50s fashionable hairdo for both younger girls as well as the more mature women.

Hair lengths were kept fairly short even when you didn’t have a pixie or poodle hairdo. Women at the time, never wore their hair straight. So, when it was curled it would either fall on the shoulders or above. Most women didn’t have much longer hair than that.

1960’s Hairstyles

Some of the hairdos from the 1950s were prolonged during the 1960s, but for the most part the 60s fashion hairdos turned into the bigger the hair the better.

Picture 16During this time period, more saloons started coming out with new ways to make hair big and hold the height longer. They would do such things as ratting. This is when you pull up your hair, and with a comb and scrunch the hair so that when you lay it back down there is still a lot of volume and lift. This is also known as back combing or teasing your hair.

Curls were still in during the 60s. Women spent a lot of time placing their curlers in at night and sleeping on them. This also helped with adding extra volume to the girl’s hair. Some girls even went out and got perms if they found they didn’t want to put curlers in every night.

Girls would also flip out the ends of their hair. This is a trend that has come back since that time. They would still backcomb their hair all the way around so there was a lot of body, and then they would flip out the ends.

We wouldn’t do the 60s hairstyles justice if we didn’t mention it’s most popular do, the beehive hair. I remember looking through yearbooks of my mother and laughing when I saw pictures of her beehive hair. She insisted that all the girls were wearing it. Come to find out, she was right. This was a highly popular do. The beehive was the epitome of the high or big hairstyle. To achieve this hairdo you have to backcomb your hair so that it looks like a beehive. You can make it large or small. Another version of the beehive is putting a ponytail on the top of the head and rap it around and then pin it into place for a smaller beehive.

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