Top Couple Costumes

There’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than dressing up together as a couple. Couples costumes are central to Halloween partying. You’re sure to have fun with these funny pairings:

geishaGeisha and Sumo Wrestler: This Japanese grouping is both beautiful and funny. Dress up in a kimono and platform sandals, with hair pulled back in a bun and a beautifully painted face. Your partner can find an inflatable sumo wrestler costume online to complete the look.

Adam and Eve: Dress up as the very first couple. Its a classic costume idea, and will definitely turn some heads. You don’t have to go as natural as they did, just add some fig leaves to your clothes and you’re set.

King Kong and Ann Darrow: Miss Darrow’s beauty charmed the beastly King Kong. Perhaps that is your story too. Any costume that looks like Marilyn Monroe will work for Ann Darrow, and a good Gorilla costume will be great for King Kong.

Black Widow and Body Bag: Just like the black widow spider, this murderess marries wealthy men and then kills them off for their Inheritance money. Since she is always in mourning, she is dressed in fancy,  black dresses and perhaps a hat with an attached funeral veil. Her dead husband will look great in a body bag with a painted white face.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf: These fairy tale characters are another good choice. Although not your average couple costume, it is still a lot of fun. A red hood and a wolf dressed up in Grandma’s clothing are needed costumes for this classic tale.

Police Officer and Prisoner: This pairing works together perfectly. The fun part with this costume is deciding who gets to be the police officer and who will be the prisoner. Find a good police and jailbird uniform to make these costumes a success.

Grease characters, Sandy and Danny: This famous musical couple met during the summer and fell in love, so why not have the same feelings with your partner this Halloween? A grease costume is a classic couples costume that has been done over and over again. Mix it up by choosing to be the good or naughty versions of these characters.

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