Have Some Modern Day Sock Hop Fun

The fifties were known as the classic age. It was definitely a time to remember. A well-known event during the fiftiesSock Hops was the sock hop dance.

Sock hops were extremely popular during the 50’s. They were put on for high school students, usually. Because they were held for teenagers, dances were also usually held on high school grounds in the cafeteria or high school gymnasium.

Entertainment was vital to the success of the sock hop. If the dance music were a flop that meant the dance would be a flop as well. Key music artists during the time were played, as was rock –n-roll and swing music.

Sock hops got their name because teenagers wore socks in the gymnasium. Administrators and teachers were nervous that the students would scuff up the gymnasium floors as they danced so they had the students take off their shoes during the dance. The kids still had fun, and the school saved their gymnasium floors.

Today 50’s dances are still very popular theme options for schools. A 50’s theme dance is a fun, and easy, option for high school activities committees. They are easy because there are so many decoration, music, entertainment and 50’s costume options. Having a theme makes the planning go much more smoothly.

High school students love to dress up. A 50’s dance allows them to do this. Students come up in their 50’s getup, which includes poodle skirts, rolled up jeans, saddle shoes, slicked back hair, and scarves.

50’s dances are also fun because there is no requirement for dates. In the 50’s students went in groups of friends, and the same holds true for modern sock hops. This makes it a fun option for both high school and middle school dances.

The 50’s provide great dance options. There are plenty of costumes, decorations, activities and music to choose from. With a little planning, the teenagers at the dance can easily feel like they were transported back to the age of the fifties.

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