Great Ideas For 1950’s Costumes

Are you looking for some amazing 1950’s costumes? If you want to have a successful 50’s party it is important to have some great 1950’s costume choices. Here are some costume choices to give you some inspiration.

50’s Jock – The letterman jacket is necessary for pulling off this fashion choice. Athletes wore the Letterman jacket during the 50’s. The jacket was usually worn with a white tee shirt and rolled-up blue jeans.

If you don’t own a letterman jacket you can easily make your own jacket on your own. Just wear a button-down sweater and sew on a square of felt to the side of the arm. A large letter should be sewn to the square to make a makeshift Letterman jacket.

Elvis – We all know rock-n-roll got big by this 50’s music icon. Elvis’ music is still very well known today. What better way to celebrate the 50’s than by dressing up as this big music star?

Elvis costumes can be found online or in a lot of costume shops. If you want to create your own costume think broad shoulders, unbuttoned collared shirts, and pleated pants. An Elvis wig does or slicked back black hair can finish the look off well.

Greaser – Greaser girls wore fitted clothing. This meant mid-calf pants and button down shirts that were tight to the body. Silky warm-up styled jackets and large bouffant styled hair were good options with this style.

Greaser guys wore clothing similar to jocks, except their jeans were not as loose. A leather jacket was the popular jacket choice. Wear your hair slicked back with plenty of styling gel.

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