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Quick Outline of Sock Hop History

Friday, April 9th, 2010

1. School dances during the 1950’s were normally held in school gymnasiums. This was a time when poodle skirts were popular, and so was removing shoes. To avoid getting scratches on the wood floor everyone was asked to take their shoes off. Thus, the sock hop was born.
2. Sock hops were very popular. They allowed more group activities, instead of having to arrive to the dance with an escort or date. Group dances became more popular, though couple dances continued to be favorites as well.
3. Rock and roll became popular during the 50s. Most music played at sock hops were records played on a turntable. Popular music artists of this age were Chuck Berry, Eddie Fisher, Bill Haley, and Elvis Presley.
4. Popular clothing styles worn at sock hops were poodle skirts and blue jeans. When wearing poodle skirts or jeans be sure to take off shoes for the sock hop. You could also wear other popular 50’s styles beside poodle skirts, such as greaser outfits.

poodle skirt
5. There are many great hairstyles to go with your poodle skirt and 50’s costume. Men wore their hair slicked back in a smooth style. Women had more options, such as wearing the classic ponytail, beehive, or tight curls.
6. Food in the fifties was similar to what is served today, just dated. Try doing a twist on the soda shop, with various old fashioned sodas available. You could also serve old school burgers and fries for a fun touch.
7. Today sock hops are still held, though not because people are afraid of a gymnasium getting scuffed up. Sock hop themes can be fun for people of all ages, and provide a great theme for a party. Participants are usually encouraged to dress up in 50’s costumes and dance with out their shoes.
8. If you are attending a modern day sock hop but are looking for inspirational ideas for your costume, there are plenty of movies you can check out to get ideas. The movie Grease is a good movie to watch since it showcases preppy styles and greaser styles. Another popular choice is the newer movie Hairspray.