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Halloween Safety: Enjoy Your Safe Candy

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

No one wants to think that anything could be wrong with their children’s candy that they have gathered Halloween night, but you never know. It is so important that we let our children know about candy safety during this Halloween season. Here are some good tips that I’ve been able to gather and share with my children.

Enjoy safe candy and lots of it

Enjoy safe candy and lots of it

Make sure your children don’t eat any of their candy until you can examine it safely at home. Most parents don’t want to take the time examining every piece of candy that their child has gathered, but we always need to be cautious and think of safety first.

Make sure that all the candy is safely wrapped. If it looks like it has loose wrapping or that it has been tampered with at all, throw it out. If it has an opened wrapper or if it has just a little piece of it opened, throw it out.