Why you need to do a sock hop this fall

Fall is a fun time of year for beginnings.  School starts; football and many other fun activities are marked at this time.   Why not add an annual sock hop as a new tradition to do this fall?

Taking a stroll down memory lane can be a really fun experience for you and your friends.  With a few simple things to consider and prepare you’ll be ready in no time to wow everyone with you’re great entertainment.  These include invitations, decorations, costumes, food, music and games.

There are many creative ways to invite your guests to your party. You could use black construction paper to make a record, inviting people to come for a “swinging party.”  You could cut out a picture of a clock and inviting people to come “rock around the clock” at your sock hop.  There are many possibilities.  Just put something along with your 50’s theme.

sock hop

Once guests are invited it’s time to think decorations.  Try to take people back in time to when the Fonze and little Richie roamed the town.  When girls swooned at the thought of Elvis and those electrifying hips.  Marilyn Monroe was also a hot commodity to come by.  Decorations can be simple of extravagant.  You decide.

Costumes really help people to get in the spirit of things.  Encourage your guests to come in costume by offering a prize for the best costume.  Poodle skirts and ponytails are very popular costumes for the ladies.  Boys can don white shirts and jeans with the legs rolled up.  Throw on a letterman’s jacket or a black leather jacket and your set.

Food can be one of the easiest to pull off.  How about some hamburgers and fries?  Add a milkshake and your set.  If you want you can have some one deliver those on roller skates to really add in some pizzazz.

Make sure that you have plenty of music from the 50’s to liven things up.  Elvis is always a winner.  There are several fun things to do such as the limbo or the twist that will help guests to mingle and get in the spirit of things.

This fall instead of just thinking of something fun to do, do it.  Fall is the perfect time for a sock hop.  With a little planning you’ll soon be able to rock around the clock with friends and family this fall.

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