Tribute to the Fifties

Sock hops were first made popular in the 1950’s. They were a popular dance for teenagers and were held in high school gymnasiums and cafeterias. These dances were all about enjoying the music and dancing.

Because they were so popular with teenagers, most dances that were happening in the schools were sock hops. They were held in gyms with varnished floors so dancers were required to remove their shoes before dancing. This made dances such as the Twist much easier to perform.

These dances weren’t much unlike the dances held now. Young adults attended these dances to spend time together and to enjoy the music and dancing. Rock and roll music was an essential ingredient of these dances also.

sock hop

While it has been years since the first sock hop, they are still fun for teenagers even now. Teenagers still enjoy doing the dances popular during the fifties. They also still like wearing the types of clothing popular at that time.

These dances are still very casual. Just like they did back in the fifties, teenagers today dress up in jeans and t-shirts for boys and poodle skirts for the girls. Some my even wear saddle shoes.

The music today is still similar to the music played at the original sock hops, too. Rock and roll was the music of choice back then. Teenagers still enjoy dancing to songs by Elvis at these dances.

In the fifties, teenagers usually attended these dances on their own, not as couples. These traditions had made these dances popular today younger students. This keeps the level of romance to a minimum.

The fifties weren’t as long ago as we tend to think. Time hasn’t changed things that dramatically. Sock hops can be just as enjoyable for teenagers today as they were for teenagers in the fifties.

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