Sock Hop Dance Moves

sock hop

sock hop

When planning or attending a summer sock hop, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Attire should be consistent with the styles of the time in which those dances were held, as should the dance moves. Figuring out an appropriate outfit is fairly easy, but figuring out the dance moves can be a little tricky.

Many dances were made popular during the 1950’s, when sock hops were in their prime. There was the hand jive, the jitterbug, the cha cha, and the bop. While any of those dances would be great to learn for a sock hop, knowing a basic slow dance and fast dance will get you along just fine.

For the fast dance, men, you step in place with your left foot, keeping your heel up, and then you step again, but this time keeping your heel down. You will do the same with your right foot, after which you will take a step back with your left foot. Then, you simply return to starting position.

For the girls, it’s the same basic steps as the guys, only you will begin with and step back on your right foot instead of your left. An easy way to remember the step is right toe touch, right step, left toe touch, left step and right foot back. Guys can use this easy saying as well as long as they remember that it is opposite for them!

Now, for your hands: gentlemen, you will place your right hand on her waist while holding her right hand with your left. Elbows should be bent so that your hands stay at about shoulder level. Ladies, you will place your left hand on your partner’s shoulder and your right hand in his.

The steps for our sock hop slow dance are as follows: men, first step forward with your left foot, and then slide your right foot up to be even with the left. You will then move your right foot to the right, sliding your left foot over meet it. Step back with your right foot, sliding your left foot back to stand alongside the right.

Finally, move your left foot to the left, then taking your right foot and sliding it next to the left to return to your original position. The steps for the girls will be the same, but opposite. Instead of stepping forward with their left foot, ladies will step back with their right.

As become better at these two dances, feel free to improvise a little and to add your own style to them! These dance steps are easy to learn and will make the sock hop a bit more real for you. Remember to pay close attention to detail, however, and to look the part as well as dance the part!

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