Making Sock Hops Fun for Teenagers

sock hop studebakersIn the 50’s, sock hops were all the rage. High school kids were the biggest supporters of these dances. They were held in school gyms, which limited the footwear that could be worn to just socks, hence the name.

These dances didn’t require dates either, so most attended as singles. This would be less likely to fly among today’s youth since they are so use to dating and relationships. Encouraging dates at a modern sock hop is one way to get today’s youth more interested in attending one.

In the 50’s, these socks were a chance for students to get together and just enjoy the music and dancing. Students got together to enjoy popular music like rock and roll, songs sung by Elvis and the Beatles. Dances were also an opportunity to learn new dances such as the Jitter Bug.

High school kids today are much like the high school kids of the 50’s. They still enjoy music and dancing, although the styles may have changed a bit. One way to bridge the generation gap while hosting a sock hop is to teach students dances that were popular in the 50’s such as the Hand Jive and the Stroll.

Fashion is another priority that has withstood the test of time. Students today are just as concerned with fashion as students of the 50’s. Take advantage of that!

One way you can do that is to host a costume contest. Encourage students not to just dress up, but to immerse themselves in 50’s style, to get completely decked out in 50’s gear. Encourage them to go as far as doing their hair in styles popular in the 50’s, such as the beehive dews for girls and slicked back hair for the guys; you can even encourage girls to do their makeup in ways that were popular back then.

Going along with the costume contest, you could also have a photo booth at your dance. This would make the dance more exciting and would encourage students to dress up (getting your picture taken in normal clothes isn’t as fun as getting it taken when you are all dressed up). You can make the photos look like they are from the 50’s by making them black and white and adding a vintage border before you print them for the students.

Sock hops of the 50’s are very similar to the types of dances that high school kids enjoy today, they just go by a different name. By following these simple tips, you can help students enjoy them just as much as the original sock hoppers did. Who knows, maybe they will these dances will become stylish again!

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