Looking For Fun Summer Dance Themes? Do a Sock Hop Dance!

The 1950’s represent a fun era. The dancing style is one that is looked back on with a favor. The clothes they wore back then, whether it was jeans or a 50’s poodle skirt, showed the fun that these dancers and musicians enjoyed during the 50’s era.

This year experience a 1950’s theme with your dances. A sock hop theme is a great theme leading in to the summer. A sock hop allows all the dancers to get to know the songs and dance styles of the 50’s era.

To get the feel of the era make sure the dressers dress the part. Wear fun 50’s costumes, such as poodle skirts and rolled up jeans. Depending on the dance and music you decide to use, other 50’s costumes can be used as well.

Sock hops work great for school dances or church events. With the many styles involved students would not necessarily need to bring a date to the dance, which can be nice for some students. Groups of friends can have just as much fun as much fun.

Sock hop 50s poodle skirts
Sock hop 50s poodle skirts

If you would like to make your dance fun you can practice 50’s dance steps. Online videos can be found with some 50’s dancing tips. Certain sock hop moves are more popular than others, so even having those few steps down can make the dance a much more fun experience.

Consider teaching these steps at the dance for those interested. You can teach the twist, cha-cha-cha, and the jitterbug. Another fun dance of the time was the Mashed Potato.

If you cannot find online videos with these steps, consider watching the movie “Hairspray” which showcases many of these famous dance moves. The TV show American Dreams also showed many of these 50’s dance steps, and showed characters in 50’s costumes. It can also give you some ideas of the type of music you might want to play at the dance.

The most important thing to consider when hosting a sock hop themed dance is to make it fun. Be sure to tell people to dress up in 50’s costumes and be ready for a grand night of dancing. Taking the time to find the perfect 50’s costume and music can really make the difference with a dance being great or just mediocre.

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  1. [...] should wear 50’s costumes to continue to 50’s theme. Have them wear roller skates and poodle skirts or rolled up jeans. It may also be a good idea to see if there are any car enthusiasts who would not mind loaning out [...]

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