FUN 50’s Poodle Skirts!

Retro 50’s clothing styles bring back images of FUN! This is especially true for the poodle skirt. When we see a poodle skirt, we think of dancing – the fun 50’s swing dancing.

Although poodles weren’t the only embellishment used on skirts in the 50’s, for some reason they are the best remembered. To bring back the nostalgia of the 50’s, poodles are the animal of choice to have on your skirt, complete with a leash. Traditionally the leash looped from the poodle’s neck up to the skirt’s belt.

Many poodle skirts are made to be a full circle of fabric with an opening for the girl’s waist. This way as the girl twirls around dancing, the skirt naturally spins out from her body. Of course poodle skirts are worn with lots of fluffy petticoats underneath to help fluff them out even more.

A short sleeved sweater or cotton blouse is often worn with a poodle skirt. And don’t forget the traditional pony tail with a ribbon tied in your hair. Bobby socks and saddle shoes or white tennis shoes will complete your outfit for a truly retro look.

Plus size poodle skirts can be very flattering as the fullness of the hemline contrasted with tightness at the waist can draw the eye in. Wearing a contrasting belt helps in this case. This helps create a sculptured silhouette.

Plus size poodle skirts are easy to fit. For a full circle skirt, all you need is your waist measurement and the length of the skirt.  The fullness of the skirt should take care of the rest. If the skirt is less full, your hip measurement should also be taken into consideration.

When looking for the petticoats to  go under the skirt, look for ones where the fullness doesn’t start up by the waist. Instead look for ones that have ruffles of netting down closer to the bottom half of the petticoat. This will prevent unwanted fullness in the hip area.
Remember that if you use full slips underneath, the skirt will appear shorter when it is fluffed out. For the best look, a plus sized poodle skirt should fall slightly below the knee when wearing a petticoat underneath. Above all else, remember to smile and have fun!

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