Do’s and Don’ts of Sock Hops at Summer Car Shows

When you are hosting a sock hop at a summer car show there are a few things to consider. Planning is very important. Preparation makes things run a little smoother. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of sock hops at car shows.

Do get a good sound system. You want the music to be heard by the audience. Don’t crank the volume too high so people can’t hear each other speak.

Do have the sock hop outside. Having open air will bring in a lot of customers and is perfect for the summer time. Don’t forget to put tents up, however, so people can have a break in the shade during the hotter parts of the day.

Do have a good location in mind. Locations with a lot of shade or in a building with air conditioning is a must. Don’t ever have a show in a buildsock hop car showing that has to air conditioning. This is a recipe for disaster.

Do invite people to the car show. Use a 50s theme invitation that showcases the sock hop fun that the show will have. Don’t send a cheesy invitation, however. Find good ones that include the 50s theme with antique cars.

Do hang signs with the various cars around the show. People will want to know which cars are where. Don’t forget to ask the manufacturers for any cool trinkets they would like to give away at the show to go along with their logo signs.

Do find something new and exciting to do with your show. Don’t repeat a show that has already been done. Do your research ahead of time to make sure you aren’t doing the same show all over again.

Do stick to your sock hop theme. Include the 50s theme to your decorations, costumes, invitations, and music. Don’t have it be messy by not coordinating the theme.

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