Best Summer Car Shows


During the summer, car shows become a popular event, along with other old-fashioned events such as sock hops. Many people attend these shows. They occur all over the country.

But what are the traits of a good car show? Is it the location or the specific cars? Is it the music played or the old time feel created with car hops?

Some suggest that it is the money that goes into preparing for the car show that makes all the difference. Others say that clean and organized shows are best. Many agree that it is the simple things that matter: the music, the cars, and the people and community. 

car show

Some suggestions for turning normal car shows into great ones include pairing the show with a sock hop. Another option is to choose a specific theme for your car show, such as a muscle car show or a 70’s car show. You could also make your show unique by using it to raise money for those in need.

Another suggestion for making a great car show is effective advertising. You can include all of the other ingredients, but if you don’t do something to get people to attend the show, nothing else will matter. Your advertising must make people aware of the event and make them want to attend.

One way to know what you can do is to see what others are doing. These car shows are held all across America. Here are just a few:

From July 23 to 25, the a car show is held at the Puyallup, Washington Fair. The Texas Motor Speedway holds a car show in Fort Worth, Texas from October 1 to 3. Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois are other states that hold car shows and such car shows are held throughout the year, starting in March and ending in November.

Attending these car shows should help to spark some ideas for your own car show. However, it is usually best to keep it simple. Evoking memories and creating an old time feel are often the most important aspects of car shows.

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