The King!

Elvis Presley is recognized by millions as one of the most influential people in music history. Elvis’s influence was so widespread and so profound that many refer to him as the ‘King of Rock ‘n’ roll’. His career included acting, singing, song writing and performing.

Elvis wasn’t always the cool popular boy we usually think of when we think back on the 50’s. He was described in his youth as a “well-mannered and quiet child.” At times he was the target of classmate cruelty. Things were thrown at him because he was different. He stuttered and he was a considered a mama’s boy.

Even when he first started performing in the fifties he was described as a shy, well-mannered, quiet boy. Yet he was an amazing performer. None who talked to him could believe that he was the same guy on the stage singing and dancing in such controversial ways. The reaction of the crowd was something that had never been seen before. Yet, when he first started recording no one looked at him as anything different. Right before his first recording they asked him who he sounded like. His response was, “I don’t sound like nobody.” He soon proved that true and this was the voice and music America had been waiting for.

Elvis’s popularity never seemed to dwindle. He stormed the stages of the world through the 50’s and 60’s and on to our day with that fashion that won him recognition as well as lifted eyebrows. He was an icon for music, performing, as well as men’s fashion. Men and boys alike did everything they could to dress and act like him. The moves on the dance floor were forever changed by what was considered his ‘scandalous’ hip swinging and dancing.

Some may question whether he was better younger or as an older performer. The answer would have to be both. He evolved with the time. When he was younger he was the icon that America needed during their time of change. As he began to develop as a more mature musician he was still shocking us all with his movies and performances. He changed with the time to what his fans wanted. Possibly this is what makes him so timeless in our eyes.

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