Fashion Choices From the 1950’s

The fifties were a time for very unique fashion choices. Many of the styles from the fifties are being use today. Look at many of the vintage stores today and you will find many of the same exact style accessories and clothing articles that were worn during the fifties era.

You can get a lot of great costume options from looking at the fifties. The 1950’s fashion can be used in fun Halloween parties, carhops, or sock hop school dances. Lets also not forget the fun themed parties, where 50’s themed parties can be a real hit.

There were a lot of clothing options during the fifties. This is another perk for choosing to do a 50’s themed costume for your party or event. Having a lot of options can give you the chance to really choose the style that you like.

poodle skirts, 50's fashion, 50's outifts, 50's costumes

poodle skirts, 50's fashion, 50's outifts, 50's costumes

Other clothing outfits for women were Capri pants, jeans, and a workout jacket top. 50’s housewives wore dresses that were a little lower than knee-length, with full skirts. Crinoline and petticoats were used to make both the dresses and poodle skirts more full.

Guys also made fashion statements for their time. White t-shirts were very popular at the time among boys. The t-shirt was usually worn with blue jeans that were rolled up a little.

Men typically wore collared, button up shirts. Plaid suits were also popular at the time. Top it off with a fedora cap and some thick, fifties style glasses and a briefcase and you have a great 50’s businessman costume.

The fifties were a great era of fashion. There were many choices for clothing and accessories. Their clothing now work as wonderful costume choices for Halloween or 50’s themed parties and dances.

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