Halloween Safety: Trick or Treat with Traffic

Trick or treating can be such a fun way to celebrate Halloween, especially for young ones. It isn’t all fun and games though. Parents need to take an active role in teaching their children about the dangers of such things as traffic as they make their way out on Halloween night.

The most tragic accidents can happen because of lack of planning, preparation, and education. If we can teach our children a few things about traffic safety, both them and we will be able to rest easy and focus on the fun holiday.

Some parents choose to personally go out with their younger children on Halloween. Sometimes kids want to go around with groups of their friends through. Because we can’t always be there with them, it is so important that they know what to watch for when they are walking around at night or even mid afternoon.

Your children may not want to review the elementary school principles of looking back and forth slowly before they cross a road, but it is so important that we do that. We can’t always be sure that they remembers these from when they were younger, or that what the school taught them has stuck in their head.

It is important to go over these rules of crossing the street; look both ways, make eye contact with the driver to ensure that they have seen you, and don’t just bolt out in the road thinking that the driver will stop. Sounds pretty basic but even adults need to be reminded some times.

Protect your kids from cars this Halloween

Protect your kids from cars this Halloween

Some parents even choose to drive their children around. This is a great idea. Don’t forget though that as a driver you too must be watching out at all times for children.

If you do choose to drive, make sure that your children are paying attention when they step out of the vehicle. Make sure that even then they have looked around, on both sides, to make sure that the coast is clear. Don’t let your children out on the road; help protect them by pulling into a driveway.

Halloween can be such a fun holiday when both our children and us focus on being safe. As tedious as it may sound to review with them all these rules, it is for their safety, and we can never put anything before our children’s safety.

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