What to Wear With a Poodle Skirt

Dressing up isn’t always easy work. There is a lot of time and preparation involved. When dressing up in a 50’s poodle skirt, this is an especially true statement.

It is important to know how to dress up in a poodle skirt. You should know what items go with the skirt and how to wear your hairstyle. It is also important to know what shoes go with a poodle skirt.

Dressing up in clothing from the 50’s can be fun. Choosing a poodle skirt to wear brings you a few options for accessories and complimentary clothing attire. For example, you can wear saddle shoes, oxford shoes, or white tennis shoes with the skirt.

Saddle shoes usually were in two main combination colors. Those combination’s were white and black, or white and navy. These two combination’s were the most popular options, though they were not by any means the only combination used.

Socks of the time were bobby socks. Bobby socks are white, ankle socks that have a ruffle of lace around the top of the sock. Bobby socks are no longer available for adults, but they can be purchased online or made by sewing lace to the cuff of an ankle sock.

Poodle skirts look best with a nice blouse. Button-down blouses look great with them. Top the blouse off with a nice, soft cardigan sweater.

Hair can be styled in a few different ways. The most popular way of wearing hair back in the day was in a pulled-back ponytail. Scarves look great pulled around the ponytail holder.

Short curly hair is also another hairstyle choice. Tiny hair clips, such as flowers, can bring a nice touch for a shorter hairstyle option. When wearing jewelry, try to keep it simple. A good choice would be a strand of pearls.

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