Throw a Sock Hop at Your Elementary School

While budget crunches are getting harder and harder to stomach for many, several schools are turning towards fundraisers to help make up the difference.  There are many different types to choose from. One fun idea to help raise some funds and to have some fun is a sock hop.

A sock hop can be a really fun way to help draw kids and their families back to the past.  It is also a very family friendly activity and can help draw them closer together.  With a few simple steps you’re school can be well on it’s way to having one of their own!

Planning is crucial for a success event.  First of all you should appoint a committee to organize this event.  In this committee you should divide into four subcommittees.  These committees will be over publicity, decorations, food, and entertainment.

jukeboxPublicity is very key for success.  If you want people to come, they need to know about it and be excited.  Fliers around school, announcements, etc. are all vital.

You may want to invite people to dress for the occasion to really help them get in the spirit of things.  Ideas for these can be put on fliers and other advertisements.  Poodle skirts and ponytails work best for the girls.  Rolled up jeans and white t-shirts for the boys.

Decorating can be simple or extravagant.  If this event is to be a fundraiser make sure that you don’t spend more money putting it on then you will be getting so perhaps you may want to go the simple, and yet tasteful way.  Records, or pictures of records on the walls and table are a simple way to get people in the mood for things.  An old-fashioned Jukebox is an excellent addition and will also work for helping play music.

For your school’s fundraiser you may have the family pay a certain price per family for admission, or invite them to come and have them pay for the food that is served at the party.  Good old-fashioned hamburgers and fries are always in good taste at these types of events.  For refreshments you can provide milkshakes.  For fun have the principle deliver these on roller skates.

Make sure that you have a lot of good music from the 50’s for your sock hop.  You can do the limbo, the Twist, the Mashed Potato and the Bunny hop.  It might be fun to have someone come and give a couple minute demonstrations on swing dancing as well.  With all of this underway you are sure to have a memorable event that all should enjoy!

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