The Return of Skating Car Hops

What was once a regularity in the fast-food world has now become a rarity: rollerskating waitresses. However, chains such as Sonic Drive-in and Ruby’s Diner are bringing the tradition back. You can now go to a burger joint and feel like you have stepped back into the 60’s.

Rollerskates aren’t used to get the food to the customer faster. They are used to entertain them. Customers are getting more than a meal; they are also getting a show.

This idea isn’t new for Sonic. In the 60’s and 70’s rollerskating carhops were a natural site at one of these fast food

rollerskating car hop

rollerskating car hop

joints. But in the 80’s and 90’s, this trend was left behind.

Thirty years later, car hops are back in style. And these chains are doing all that they can to bring them back. Customers are happier and are willing to do more business with these chains when they receive their meals from people on rollerskates.

Customers aren’t the only ones that are happy. The skaters are happy, too. Employees who choose to work in skates are shown to make more than those without.

And occasionally, these car hops go on to do more than deliver food. Take Kellie Pickler, for example. Once a Sonic skater, she went on to be a contestant on American Idol.

These drive-ins benefit from skating car hops, too. A Sonic that employs skaters is said to make $50,000 more annually than those who don’t. The skaters are what set these drive-ins apart from other fast-food restaurants.

As these restaurants take the time to entertain their customers while fulfilling their needs, the customers are happier. A nostalgic feel radiates from these drive-ins. It’s a feel that customers seem to flock to.

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