The Fun Times of Red and Pink Hatters

The Red Hat Society is world-renown. A lot of people have heard of the popular Red Hat Society, but not everyone knows what members do. We aim to answer those questions in this article.

The RHS’s main purpose is to provide a helpful network for each other. It is their hope that this social interaction will encourage women to maintain friendships and have fulfillment in their lives. Members strive to journey through life with fun and freedom.

The Red Hat Society often gets mistaken for a sorority. The RHS is actually not a sorority, because it does not include initiations. The society is not considered a voluntary service club either, but rather an organization for women.

Red Hat Society

Red Hat Society

Members refer to each other as “Red Hatters”. Members over the age of 50 wear red hats and purple attired to all functions. The leader of these local chapters, or groups, is known as the “Queen”.

Women who are under the age of 50 are also invited to join the organization. A “Pink Hatter” is a woman who hasn’t reached the age of fifty yet, and she must wear a pink hat and lavender outfits. After she turns 50, she has a “Reduation” and graduates to the red hat with the rest of the RHS members.

Red Hat members get together regularly. Both Red and Pink Hatters enjoy wearing very eloquent and fun hats and fashion accessories to every event. One of the more popular accessories are the feather boa and pearls.

The events that members host vary on each chapter. The most popular event is a tea party. Chapters get together at least once a year for larger regional events.

The “Hatquarters”, or headquarters, of the Red Hat Society host the largest of the events. Members are required to pay a membership fee to be involved in the Society and the various activities. For more information about the history of how the Red Hat Society started, please refer to our previous article

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