The Fashion Trend of the 50’s

Fashion trends will come and go. Each decade brings in new fashion trends, and they will change just as quickly. This can be a good thing, especially when the fashion brings in things like high bangs, rat-tails, and those dreadful skinny jeans.

The fun thing about having fashion trends is that some of those styles are actually cute. They retain a certain “classic” standing. One of example of this legacy fashion trend is the 1950’s. They had a very classic, fun clothing fashion trend.

The 1950’s was the era of rock-n-roll and sock hops. Their fashion choices during this time was very fun. The 50’s brought on a very distinct fashion trend. A lot of people like to call that era the sock hop fashion era.

The poodle skirt has always been the main clothing choice that we recall from the 50’s. The poodle skirt was the item that replaced those tight, slimmer skirts from the earlier days. Poodle skirts were a lot more full and landed at around the knees.

Poodle skirts were made out of quite a few different materials, and could be a lot of color choices. A lot of the poodle skirts were adorned with applique like a poodle or a music record. These poodle skirts were typically worn over crinoline or petticoats.

The crinoline or petticoat is what gave the skirts an extra bounce. These were very handy during the sock hop dances, which were commonly held during the 50’s era. The petticoat gave the skirt the extra full look.

Poodle skirts were not the only clothing option from the 50’s. Other clothing from the 50’s fashion include saddle shoes and bobby socks. Cardigans and ponytails were popular for the women during that era. Letterman jackets, slicked back hair, and leather jackets were popular for the guys of the 50’s.

Fashion comes in and out of style, but certain eras really stick out through out history. The 1950’s were one of those time periods that the fashion really stands out, in a good way. Be sure to take advantage of their beautiful fashion choices by hosting or joining a sock hop dance or 50’s party this year. It is something you definitely will not regret.

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