The Adventures of Red Hatters

No one will ever question that Red Hatters know how to have a good time. Their events and activities include members from all around the world. Here are a few stories of some of the Red Hatter’s fun adventures.

In Florida, the Crazy Glittery Glamorous Red Mad Hatters had a Red Hat Contest. They wanted to find a way to stay out of the hot sun. A special award went out to members who found a red hat large enough to fit 6 people underneath.

50s poodle skirts
50s poodle skirts

The Purple Clad Outrageous Soca Hatters of Louisiana chose a relaxing event. They drove 2 hours to a water park so they could have fun cooling off in some water for an outdoor picnic. Fun was had by all in this stress free event.

Every year the Buffalo Girls of Montana choose to go on a trip to the Yellowstone National Park. The park has many beautiful wilderness adventures, and allows the women to catch up with one another on hikes through out the park. They make it a point to make reservations at the Roosevelt Lodge every year.

The Duchesses of Beford made a trip to Washington D.C. The chapter live close by in Fairfax Virginia, and decided to take advantage of the fun monuments that can be visited in the District of Columbia. This time they chose to visit the unique “O Mansion”.

Across the Globe, in the Netherlands, the Queens Theatrix decided they wanted to go on a Cruise. They had to raise money first, and decided to go to a casino to try their luck. While no one won any money for the cruise, everyone was said to have had a lot of fun at the event.

Three Canadian chapters decided to host a regional event at the Beaufort Vineyard for wine tasting. The founders of the winery surprised the Red Hatters by accessorizing their statues with feather boas. What could be more fun than showing up at the winery to find that?

To find more stories of Red Hat events, visit their website. You can also find more information about their Super Savings program, which can save you money on shopping for items such as flowers, poodle skirts, movie tickets, etc. Don’t forget to check out our previous articles for more information regarding the Red Hat Society.

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