Teenage Sense of Style in the Fifties

Through out history there has been a distinction between how children, teenagers, young adults, and adults dress themselves. Styles have come and gone through out history. But one thing remains the same – a very distinct difference in clothing styles with teenagers.

During the 1950’s teenagers had quite a few options as far as 50’s outfits were concerned. There were the preppy outfits, the jock outfits, and the new greaser outfits. Each of these styles was a popular 50’s fashion choice.

Girls who were more on the preppy side wore skirts and blouses. They wore soft cardigans over their blouses. They wore their hair curled and sometimes put a bow in their hair.

The skirts varied in styles, but the most popular option was the famous poodle skirt. The poodle skirt was often made out of felt or wool, or heavier material. The term poodle skirt came from the appliqués that teenagers liked to add to their skirt to make it more personal and cute. These appliqués were things such as poodles and music records.

While this was the everyday wear for teenagers, teenage girls still had to don fancy cocktail dresses for entertainment purposes. Cocktail dresses are dresses that have full skirts that required crinoline or petticoats. The petticoats gave the dresses the fullness they needed.

Teenage boys also wore preppy 50’s outfits. This usually consisted of button down shirts that were collared and loose-fitted pants. Jocks often were seen wearing their letterman jacket.

Greaser 50’s outfits were also a popular option for teenagers. James Dean and Marlon Brando were the inspiration for this type of style. Teenage boys would often wear tight-fitted rolled jeans that were blue and a white or black t-shirt. They would often wear a leather jacket with it.

Girls that liked the greaser style wore similar 50’s outfits. Teenage girls that wore greaser styled clothes wore tight jeans or capris instead of full skirts. They also opted for t-shirts instead of button down blouses, and often wore high heels instead of white tennis shoes.

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