Sock Hop Costumes

One of America’s funnest times to look back on was the 50’s.  As we reminisce and look back it is fun to do this with a sock hop.  If you are invited to one of these or are considering attending one there are lots of fun costumes to choose from that can help you rock the night away.

A classic for young ladies is the poodle skirt.  These were longer skirts that were typically adorned by a poodle on the bottom side.  Bobby socks and saddle shoes can adorn one’s feet while a classic ponytail with a matching ribbon adds accent to the hair.

If you are looking for a bit more rebellious side to show at your sock hop, try the “greaser” look.  You do this by wearing a tight pencil skirt along with a button down blouse with the top two buttons left undone.  Make sure that bright red lipstick is worn and that hair is very poufy and tall.  A pink lady jacket is also a nice touch.

sock hop

The classic all-American 50’s boy can wear a white t-shirt with blue jeans and penny loafers.  A letter jacket or sweater adds a nice touch.  Make sure that the hair is neatly styled for that clean look that was frequent then.

If you’re looking for that “bad boy” look then wear some blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket.  You can add a pack of cigarettes to show off the rebel in you.  A pair of black sunglasses will help add to your look. Make sure to carry around a comb in your back pocket and frequently style your hair and then slip the comb back into your pocket.

Another fun look is to be a car hop waitress.  To do this wear a short skirt, blouse, bow tie and hat.  Wear roller skates and carry a tray with dishes looking like something someone would have ordered.

To get more ideas and to really get into the spirit of things you can watch movies from the 50’s or ones portraying the 50’s.  These can include Grease, Hairspray, Happy Days, etc.  You could even dress up as one of the main characters on one of these.

There are so many possibilities of what to wear to a sock hop.  Whatever you decide to wear make sure that you have fun and try to get into character.  When the music starts to play and you feel the need to swing, go for it and make sure to Twist and shout in your sock hop!

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