Petticoats For Wedding Dresses

There are a lot of varieties of petticoats out there. Undergarments specifically for wedding dresses or formals make a big difference in the look and feel of the dress. Wedding shops often can give you good recommendations on which ones to get.

To begin you need to find the right undergarment for your dress. Petticoats can really bring extra elegance to a beautiful wedding dresses. They make the dress look its best.

There are different petticoat styles. Decide what type you need first. Do you need a hoop skirt or do you need one with out hoops? I would recommend if you do need a hoop skirt that you wear another undergarment on top of that so the hoops do not show through your wedding dress.
Hoops take a lot of practice to walk in. If you bend over all the hoops bring your dress upright. That is why it is a very good idea to get use to wearing it and how to sit down in it or bend over so you don’t flash all of your guests on your wedding day.

If you would rather not use a hoop skirt another option you have is netting. Netting is a great choice for wedding dresses. It stops your wedding dress from tucking in between your legs while you walk. It’s not very glamorous to walk down the aisle with your dress constantly pulling through your legs.

Be sure that you get the correct size petticoat for your wedding dress. Start by measuring from the hem of your wedding dress to your waist. You want to get as close to the bottom of your dress as you can, within 1 to 2 inches. Be sure the waist fits so you don’t worry about it slipping down lower than the dress.

Family and friends can be a great help when searching for your undergarment. Try on a few different types of pettiskirts so you know which one works best with your dress. Try on different styles and then work from there on how full you want your pettiskirt to be.

Weddings are very memorable. Choose the perfect petticoat to go along with your beautiful wedding dress. A pettiskirt can make your elegant dress even more glamorous.

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