Meals to Serve at Sock Hop Parties This Summer

Serving the right food will help kick off your sock hop the right way. Although people can be decked out in 50’s poodle skirts and the music might be great, food helps keep it fun for guests. There are a lot of different options available for you to choose from so you can have the ultimate 50s meal.

One idea is to do meals like those served in a soda shop. Serve a hamburger or hot dog with a basket of fries or onion rings. You can even top it off with an old fashioned soda.

For dessert shakes and malts are a fun idea. Use a few blenders and make the shakes up yourself. Root beer floats are another easy idea.

Serve ice cream sundaes with the shakes if you would like. Sundaes are delicious and are easy to make. All you have to do is put out toppings and dish out ice cream. Guests can top their sundaes themselves so they get toppings they like.

50's poodle skirts

50's poodle skirts

Try doing a buffet for large groups. Finger foods are good menu ideas, though you could serve other foods as well. Some food ideas: Giant deli sandwiches, chicken wings, chicken strips, mini pizzas, meatballs, or veggies and dip. Place out different sauces for guests to try, such as ranch, honey mustard, or BBQ.

You can also try to prepare some food ahead of time. Certain foods won’t stay fresh, but those that would can be heated with a warming tray or placed in an oven set to 200 degrees. Preparing food ahead of time helps ease stress so you do not have to worry about doing everything on the spot.

Snack foods are a good option at dances. People will be mixing and mingling, and full course meals do not let them accomplish this easily. Try placing out bowls of snack foods after meals. Some good snack ideas are popcorn, candy, chips, pretzels, cheese, and nuts.

Servers could dress up in 50’s poodle skirts or rolled up jeans. 50’s poodle skirts are the easiest 50’s costume to recognize, though there are plenty of other 50’s costumes servers can choose from. Those dressed in 50’s poodle skirts and 50’s outfits can also roll around taking orders on roller skates for an even more fun touch.

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