Inspiring 50’s Costume Ideas

There are many great 50’s outfits and 50’s costume choices and ideas out there. The 1950’s offered a wide arrange of styles and cool trends that we can look to for ideas. These trends include ideas on what clothes, hairstyles, shoes, accessories, and makeup to wear.

Clothing – Clothing styles were classified in to different types. Preppy styles were poodle skirts, button-blouses, and cardigans for girls. Guys wore button down polo’s, blazers, letterman’s jackets, and loose fitted slacks.

The Greasers were also a popular style during the fifties. Greaser guys wore white t-shirts, tight rolled up jeans, and leather jackets. They took their inspiration from the Hollywood legend James Dean.

Hairstyles – Hairstyles also varied. Girls often wore their hair in ponytails or short, curly poufy hairstyles. Guys wore their hair slicked back or parted to the side.

Shoes – Nothing quite expresses shoes from a 50’s outfit like the saddle shoe. Women also wore flats, stilettos, high-heeled boxy shoes, and “ballerina” slippers. Flats and ballerina slippers were worn to school or worn with slacks.

Accessories – A scarf was a very popular accessory for girls in the fifties. Scarves could be tied around ponytails or worn around the neck. Hats and caps were also popular, as well as pearl necklaces and pearl-stud earrings.

Makeup – When I think of fifties makeup I think of stars like Marilyn Monroe. Good makeup choices are cherry red lipstick, moderate false eyelashes, and lightly penciled eyebrows. Try using thicker eyeliner just on the top lid and see if you like it.

These ideas can be used for costume parties, sock hops, or just for dressing up. Having the proper 50’s outfit put together can really make you look great and wow your friends and family members. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Find the right 50’s gear to put together an amazing 50’s costume this year.

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