If You Don’t Find a Chapter There are Other Options

It can be frustrating if you want to join the Red Hat Society, but can’t find a local chapter to join. Don’t let it get you down. Many Red Hatters are still able to enjoy the privileges of what the society has to offer without being part of a local chapter.

Supporting members can participate with the online community and network. They can also participate in regional events easily without actually belonging to a chapter. The Red Hat Society will send information to you regardless of the fact that you don’t belong to an actual chapter.

You also have the option of upgrading your membership and becoming a Queen. You will be able to start up a chapter of your own. If you decide to become a Queen there are many different ways you can find members to join your new chapter.

Red hat society poodle skirts

Red hat society poodle skirts

A good place to start is to find friends and family that you know may enjoy being a part of your chapter. Look for potential red hatters in your work, book clubs, etc. Let those around you know that you started a new chapter and see if they would be interested in joining.

Don’t forget to put list your chapter with the Red Hat Society website. Many people use that tool to search for chapters. You can also advertise that a new chapter is accepting new members in other ways, such as posting signs or classifieds.

Get connected with other Queens to trade ideas. Join the Queen Mother Board online forum if you haven’t already. You will be able to get connected with fellow Queens and Supporting Members to get any advice from them on how to run things in the beginning.

It is important to have fun when starting your own chapter.
Plan exciting and fun activities to get your supporting members excited about joining. Let them be involved with ideas for activities and events.

If you don’t find a local chapter to join, you have other options available. You can still have the benefit of being part of a network of women you come in contact with online or through regional events. If not, consider the benefits of starting a new chapter as a Queen and see if that is something that appeals you.

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