Ideas For Costumes to Wear to a Sock Hop

Sock hops became famous in the 1950s when the lively music and dance moves caused dancers to remove their shoes so they would not ruin the dance floors. Sock hops can be a great summer activity. If you are either hosting or invited to a sock hop showing up in a great 50’s costume is essential.

Start your search by looking for items you already own. Look through your closet, or better yet your parents closet. I have found some pretty amazing finds for 50’s costumes by raiding my grandmother’s clothes she kept from her college days.

sock hop poodle skirt

sock hop poodle skirt

You can also find inspiration for 50’s costumes by looking through old family photo albums. You can also find good ideas by searching online. Here are some common 50’s costumes of that time period.

All-American 50’s Girl: Think poodle skirts for this outfit. Poodle skirts are full, long skirts that can be adorned with a poodle decoration. Top this 50’s costume off with a light sweater and some bobby socks.

All-American 50’s Guy: Think Leave it To Beaver with this Outfit. This style is very clean cut. Some good choices are a letter sweater, plain white t-shirts, blue jeans, and penny loafers with white socks.

Greaser Babe: You do not have to wear an outfit exactly like Sandy’s from Grease, though you are more than welcome to. An option for a greaser babe is to wear a pencil skirt with a white buttoned down blouse. Wear bright, red lipstick and poof your hair.

Greaser Dude: Heyyyyy. The Fonz, from Happy Days, is the classic example of this type of style. Remember that tight t-shirts and lower, tight jeans work for this 50’s costume. Bring accessories, such as a leather jacket thrown over your sleeve, or a pack of fake cigarette’s rolled in your shirt sleeve.

Hair makes a big difference with costumes as well. Remember to style your hair to match the style. All-American, classic costumes were crew cuts and ponytails. For grease costumes think big for girls hair, and slicked back for guys.

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