Have a Sock Hop This Halloween

With Halloween only a month away, it is time to start planning the ultimate holiday party. You want to have a themed party that will be fun for all of your friends. A sock hop party will do just that.

Think of what you would like to do at your Halloween party. Incorporate the holiday and mix it with the 50’s theme. Everyone wants to dress up for Halloween, so what better way than to include all your friends in with the same type of costume ideas and styles.

For party favors you can buy inexpensive sunglasses from a dollar store. Place an orange napkin in between the folds of the sunglasses. For girls, you can add pearls on their table setting. Your guests can use these party favors as an accessory to their costume.

For the meal, include a burger and fries. Instead of serving coca cola, make homemade root beer. The dry ice can make quite an eerie decoration for the party, and you will impress your guests with your delicious homemade root beer in the process.

Do a mixture of songs for your music. Mix rock and roll with Halloween songs. You don’t want to just play Halloween songs, since you want your guests to get out on the dance floor and dance to come good, classic, 50’s music too.

Incorporate a good balance with decorations. You want to include the 50’s theme and the Halloween theme. Try to use the color of black and orange as the color scheme, but include other 50’s decorations like hanging old records from the ceiling or on the walls. Add a real or inflatable jukebox for a great decoration choice.

Don’t forget to include activities and games with your party. Dance contests are an amazing way to get everyone up and moving. You can also hold a costume contest, 50’s trivia contests, or other such activities. The main thing to remember is to keep everyone involved so they have a good time.

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