Halloween Safety: Trick or Treat in the Dark

During the Halloween season, safety must always come first for our kids and us. Whether we allow our children to go out at night or be finishing up as it gets dark, there are some safety features of their Halloween costume that we can help them with to ensure their safety.


Trick or Treating can be dangerous

Even the best driver can’t see everything at night. In order to help your children be the safest possible, we should really be reviewing their costumes.

If your child is planning on going out trick or treating when it is dark, the last thing in the world you want them wearing is all black. Sadly, during Halloween this is usually the color of most costumes. Get creative with them and help them pick out costumes that have brighter, bolder colors.

Recently I’ve seen more children wearing reflectors and flashing lights. It’s a great idea when you are taking them around the neighborhood yourself because if they run from you they’ll be seen.

Halloween Safety Tips

It’s smart to buy a flame retardant costume. Because of how many candles are in bags or in pumpkins, believe it or not but fire is a major problem during this season.

Make sure that your children’s costumes aren’t too long. When they are too long they will easily trip or people can easily step on them and hurt themselves or your child.

Make sure that your children can easily breath in their costumes. If they have chosen to wear a mask or really anything that covers their face and nose, they wont wear it long if it is uncomfortable or restricting in any way.

This may be an obvious one, but many children, especially boys, choose to carry around fake axes or swords. Make sure that these easily bend. You’d be surprised at how many children hurt themselves, as well as others from playing around with them.

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