Halloween Safety: Stranger Danger

Halloween night, our children will be knocking on doors and talking to many people, including many strangers. It is always so important to teach our children how to deal or talk to strangers, especially during this season.

Have a safe and fun Halloween

Have a safe and fun Halloween

We might think that our children know how to deal with strangers because of things they’ve been taught at school or even at home. But we can never be too safe, and if our children need to be told five times to take the garbage out because they forget, we need to help them to remember even more important things like stranger safety.

Number one rule that we must teach our children is to never give out personal information to strangers. They should never be talking to older adults long enough to get into detailed conversations about family and home. Adults shouldn’t be asking these questions to little children who are just going around trick or treating.

Avoid talking to strangers that pull up in cars. I even tell my children to flat out ignore them. If they need help or directions children should speak at a distance, always remembering to stay out of reach distance.

If someone looks even slightly suspicious walking around, avoid them at all cost. Don’t talk or even walk by them. Cross the street if you can.

Always go with a group of people. If your children or teens are trick or treating they will always be safe with a crowd, or even better yet, with YOU!

Never enter homes that you are trick or treating at. If strangers invite them in, even if it seems like a ‘good’ reason, they should know to leave immediately. Explain to your children that in all reality, there is never a good reason why they should walk into a stranger’s home.

These tips were presented by Hip Hop 50’s Shop. We understand the need for safety during the Halloween season. We also offer fun and safe Halloween costumes for both children and adults. Visit our website for more information.

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