Halloween Costumes: Making Your Own Costume

Buying Halloween costumes for every one in the family can be quite expensive. A cheaper way to go is to make your own costumes. There are plenty of ideas you can choose from, and many of them look just as good home-made as they would be if they were store bought.

A little sewing skills can really come in handy around Halloween

A little sewing skills can really come in handy around Halloween

Making your own costume can be as involved or easy as you wish it to be. If you are handy with a sewing machine you have an opportunity to sew a unique costume. Some costumes that are fun to sew on your own, for a fraction of the cost, are princess dresses, pirate vests, animal outfits, and poodle skirt costumes, or you can find them for very little online (hey, like at hiphop50sshop.com!).

If sewing isn’t your forte there are plenty of costumes you can make without sewing. Scrounge around your home and closet and find articles that can work together to make a fun costume. Have your son be a babe magnet by safety pinning his sister’s dolls to his clothes. Your husband can dress up as a biker with his leather jacket and bandanna.

You canHalloween costume even make costumes out of cardboard boxes. Make a quick and easy adult costume out of a cardboard box wrapped up as a Christmas present. Or make a fun children’s costume by painting the box red and white, with large yellow colored paper in the shape of popcorn on the top for your little one to wear as a popcorn box.

There are many last minute ideas you can choose from when deciding on the right costume for you. Many times we don’t remember or plan on participating in an event. Having a few ideas on hand can really be helpful.

Many costumes can be made simply by adding something to an outfit you already have. For example, if you already have a black sweatsuit set, adding a make-shift tail and ears to a headband can make your daughter into a very pretty “kitten”. You could also wear your pajamas and carry around a bottle and teddy bear and be a “baby”.

A lot of times making your own costume can also allow you to be something that isn’t sold in stores at the time. If your child wants to be Clifford the big red dog and there aren’t any costumes you can buy, improvise and make your son’s day. Buy him a red sweat suit set, stick long red ears to the side of his hoodie, and use your eyeliner to pencil on a nose and you have a unique costume that will make your child’s day.
Find a costume that suits you. The nice thing about making your own costume is that the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to venture out of the box and come up with some fun Halloween costumes this year.

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