Dressing Up With a Tea Party

Dressing up in children poodle skirts is a fun activity for any young girl. One fun opportunity for girls to dress up in fancy clothes and children poodle skirts is through a tea party. Even though there will not be actual “tea” served at the young table, having a sip tea party can be a lot of fun for a group of young girls.

Hosting a tea party can be beneficial for parents as well. Children will be able to practice good table manners during the tea party, and you can even teach them party etiquette such as sending out thank you notes after the party is over. Parents can also sit back and visit with other parents while the younger girls enjoy their party.

When planning a tea party the table is the main focus. Find a pretty tablecloth that fits with the theme of the party. Soft pastel colors work great.

A fun way to invite guests to the tea party is by cutting out teapot shapes and attaching a label in the shape of a tea bag. You can use ribbon or yarn to attach the tea bag label to the teapot cutout. Write the guests name on the tea bag cut out, and put any particulars on the teapot.

children's poodle skirts

Put dressy children’s poodle skirts and other fun party clothes in a box for children to choose from. Online vendors have a lot of party outfits that you can choose from. You can also raid your own closet to find outdated clothes that will work great for tea party costumes.

Once the girls have chosen their outfits have them put them on and pose for photos. Girls can have a lot of fun with this. Be sure to add accessories such as hats and string pearls or high-heeled shoes for the girls.

The tea party menu does not have to be extravagant to still look eloquent. Serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off and quartered. Fill a fancy teapot with “tea” or pink lemonade.

When the girls leave present them with homemade party favors. Fill small white party bags with costume jewelry or toy teacup and saucer and candy. Turn the bag in to a tea bag by folding the edges under and attaching a paper nametag to a piece of string.

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