Decorating Tips for a Summer Sock Hop

Having the perfect decorations for your sock hop this summer can transform an average party in to a really great one. Poodle skirts and 50’s costumes make the party fun, as does great food. Party decorations, however, are the first thing your guests will see when they come so it is important to have good decorations.

One idea is to put a jukebox in the corner. Jukeboxes can usually be rented through party supply stores for a small fee. If you cannot find one, there are many blow-up jukeboxes or a paper jukebox you can find through party retailers online.

Create a balloon arch in your party’s theme color. Using a PVC pipe in the shape of an arch, tie balloons filled with helium with wire. You can dangle decorations from the center of the arch for an added touch. Place the arch in front of the entrance.

Use cars for decorations. Find real or constructed 1950’s cars to bring in the 50’s theme of the sock hop. A great car was the 57′ Chevy. Ask around to see if anyone would be willing to loan their relic cars for the sock hop dance.

Take advantage of the walls. Hang giant posters with favorite 1950’s artists. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe cut outs are the easiest to find.

50s party

You can also decorate the walls with music records. You can use giant records or small mini records. Some records can be found for cheap prices at thrift stores. Another idea would be to decorate the wall with a sampling of 50’s items, such as poodle skirts, horn rimmed glasses, and letter sweaters.

Don’t forget to decorate the tables. For centerpieces, find stock photos of people dressed in 1950’s clothing, such as women wearing poodle skirts or greaser guys in leather jackets. You can also use famous stars from the 50’s. Checkered tablecloths are a fun touch.

If you would like to go the extra mile, you can also schedule a balloon drop. Netting will need to be attached to the ceiling and filled with balloons. At the end of the dance you can have the balloons released for a fun effect.

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