Decorating Tips For a 50’s Bedroom

Are you trying to find inspiration for decorating your home? A 50’s styled room can be an amazing décor option for a bedroom. Here are a few decorating ideas on how to make the perfect 50’s bedroom.

Bring in a jukebox. A jukebox will pull in the 50’s theme easily. You can bring in an actual jukebox to double as a CD player, or put a stencil of it on the wall.

Decorate room with records. If a jukebox is not your cup of tea, you can still decorate and bring in the classic 550's style clothing0’s theme by portraying music records in your room. You can display a few on the wall, or display record covers as part of the wall art.

Make your photos look antique. If you have a favorite family picture opt to put it in black and white instead of in color. If you want to go the extra step you can even set up a photo session with your family wearing 50’s style clothing in the picture. 50’s style clothing can be bought online or rented at costume shops.

Use a Moonbeam clock instead of your usual alarm clock. Moonbeam clocks were introduced in the early fifties and are still being replicated today. You can find them for a decent price online.

Use an older, vintage phone. You can replace your cordless phones with an older looking phone that has a spin dial. You can find these types of phones in vintage shops or online.

Frame posters of famous 50’s icons. There are a lot of easily recognizable 50’s icons, such as Elvis. Instead of pinning those posters to the wall, make them look more like art by putting them in a nice poster frame. The same can hold true for any stock photos you find of people that are dressed in 50’s style clothing.

Incorporate classic cars in to your decorating. You can do this by posters of classic cars on your walls, desk, or dresser. You can also use model classic cars on any shelves for a nice 50’s touch.

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