Costume Makeup Opportunities and Surprises

There are many occasions that provide opportunities to dress in costume. Whether it’s Halloween, a play, or simply a fun night out costumes can change your night from dull to enchanting. Almost any costume you wear can include some type of makeup.

Costume makeup really makes your costume come to life. People are constantly looking into your face and if your face plays the part, then so do the rest of you. The time you will need to spend on your costume will depend on what your costume actually is.
50's costumes
Many costumes portray people as different animals or creatures. The make up that is worn with these costumes should be done to fit the specific creature. There are different techniques that can give the make up the appearance of fur or hair. There is even makeup that can give dimension to your face and other parts of your body.

This dimensional makeup is also used to depict injuries like scars or skin lacerations. It can even change the shape of a nose, cheekbones, or mouth if that is required. It opens the door for so much creativity and accuracy that really adds to the costume and character.

Many times make up is done just to give a stage presence to characters in a play. Most semi- professional and professional acting groups require their actors and actresses to wear makeup especially mascara and/or fake eye lashes. The reason for this is to add distinction to their faces so people in the audience can see more detail in the play. It also accentuates facial expressions and emotions.

Generational makeup is done to give the costume a look from a specific time period. Throughout the years, the way women have worn their makeup has evolved and changed. Having the correct time period makeup will add that much more accuracy and life to the costume you are wearing.

For example, a 50’s costume may entail a poodle skirt and bobby socks but there is also a certain makeup style that goes along with that costume. A 50’s costume will not be complete without the dramatic purely feminine look of a 50’s girls makeup. These details may or may not be important to the person wearing the 50’s costume but for a complete and accurate costume they are necessary.

Costumes are used for so many occasions and can have so much meaning. They can depict anything from an animal to a black eye and everything in between. They give the costume it’s final touch that will really make it come to life.

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