Common Complaints about Halloween Costumes

Being able to dress up in costumes is exciting and fun for many children. There are many costumes that children can decide on. Often the hardest part with Halloween costumes is narrowing your decision down to just one costume.

The right costume can make all the difference for you kids

The right costume can make all the difference for you kids

During your decision making there are some considerations you need to be aware of. Some common complaints from children may help you make the right choice in a costume. Here are our top 5 complains with Halloween Costumes that you should avoid.

1. It’s not warm enough. Now that the fall has arrived, many costumes on their own would not be a good idea. Children often times don’t want their costumes covered up, but if they are too flimsy they won’t have a choice. If you are planning on going outside make certain your children have layers underneath to keep them warm.

2. The costume is itchy. Some costumes are more itchy than others. Being aware of this may help your child have a more enjoyable experience. Wear an underneath layer to protect your skin if you do decide to choose an itchy costume.

3. The costume is too restrictive. Not being able to move the way you want is never fun. Make certain that your child can move around easily. Finding a costume that will allow you to move around without too much effort can easily be a priority.

4. The costume is too hot for the indoors. If you wear a snowsuit inside for a party, you’re probably not going to have the most enjoyable time. Be sure to have a costume that breathes if you are going to be indoors.

5. The costume is out of date. Some parents may choose to save money by having their child re-use an older costume. Many children are embarrassed by wearing costumes that are out of style and unpopular.

You can still find a cheap alternative to older, out of date costumes. Many websites online have great costume ideas, some with tutorials, that you can make on your own. This will allow your child to decide on a costume he is comfortable with, and you will both be able to agree on something that will be within your price range.

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  1. Susy Snodgrass says:

    Those were some great tips; things that I wish I had thought of with some of my younger children. It would have made Halloween a little more enjoyable for all!

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