Classic Halloween Costumes: Costumes that Never Go Out of Style

Costumes seem to come in and out of style every few years. What is popular one year becomes unpopular the next. There are, however, some costumes that have remained constant through the years. Here are some of our favorites that have yet to go out of style.

Star Wars Costwitch costumeumes: Dressing up as characters from this classic movie is still a popular choice. There are a many different characters to choose from. Finding a costume in this sci-fi universe will always be considered cool.

Witch Costumes: The classic witch costume is always in style. You can make the costume as cute or as hideous as you like. Find a combination that you like and have fun with it.

Sock Hop Costumes: Dress up in a fifties costume. It’s fun and works great for children and adult alike. It’s as simple as adding a leather jacket or pink poodle skirt and you have yourself a very traditional costume.

Vampire: It’s always fun to add fake blood and other gruesome trinkets to your costume when you want to go as a vampire. Vampire costumes are quick and easy to put together. They continue to be a popular choice.

Pirate: Arrrr! Where’s me buried treasure? Although made popular in more recent years by the hit movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, dressing up as a pirate has always been a fun choice as a costume. Children have fun playing fearsome pirates or fearless buccaneers.

Indiana Jones never gets old- everyone still loves him

Indiana Jones never gets old- everyone still loves him

Indiana Jones: This costume idea is another standard. Indiana Jones, the famous archaeologist, continues to be a favorite costume. Who doesn’t like carrying around a whip and adventure hat around?

Princess: Dressing up in pretty tiaras and dresses will always be popular. Every girls dreams of being a princess growing up. Dressing up like one is a good guarantee for a fun Halloween.

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