Choose a Decade as a Costume Idea

Halloween is coming soon. A good place to find costume ideas is looking at the different decades. Good adult and children’s costumes can come about.

The 1920's is a great age for Halloween costume inspiration

The 1920's is a great age for Halloween costume inspiration

Historic costumes are always a fun idea. The 1900s have a lot of costume ideas and inspiration to choose from. There are a wide variety of fashion trends.

The 1920s bring flapper dresses and gangster outfits. Men liked to wear zoot suits, black or white ties on black shirts, and gangster hats. Women preferred wearing evening or flapper dresses, feather boas and long pearl necklaces.

1950’s costumes are another hit. Put on a poodle skirt, fuzzy cardigan, and saddle shoes and your costume will be an instant hit. The sock hop and Grease costumes are are a fan favorite.

The 1960s bring the era of the hippies. Wear a tie died t-shirts, long straight wig, sandals, and a headband and you’ll have an instant classic. What a groovy way to go.

They say the disco style never died. Show them it hasn’t, with these 1970s styles. Put on some bell bottoms, funky jewelry and and afro hair wig.

Aaah! Those were the days!

Aaah! Those were the days!

And who could forget the unique style of the 1980s. Thick bed hair, bright flourescent colors, and tight jeans are what made this decade famous. You’ll be surprised with what you find in your own closet.

By looking through the decades you may find the best costume for you. All of these eras have a lot to offer. Look through them and see if any of them interest you.

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