Children Dressing Up In 50’s Styles

Dressing up in the 50’s costume style can be really fun for children, mainly little girls.  There were so many styles in the 50’s that make their costumes fun and have variety.  When wondering what did people wear in the 50’s, just think of the popular movie Grease.

Some people might think that there are not many opportunities to wear these fun filled costumes, but there are several.  Older and younger children can wear them at the all-famous Halloween, themed birthday parties, and themed school dances.  Younger children can also wear them year round for dress up or play tea parties.

No matter what style of the 50’s costume is worn, they must have a lot of accessories.  Any 50’s costume style has several accessories to it.  From hats to shoes and everything in between, the 50’s styles loved their accessories.

50s costumes

Thinking just of female accessories the head could have is various hats, bows in the hair, scarves around the neck, cat eyeglasses, and pearl necklaces.  Other accessories are purses of every color and shape, specific shoes, umbrellas, belts, frilly socks, aprons, and sweaters resting on the shoulders.  Not all of these accessories would be worn all at once; each particular style used certain accessories.

One 50’s style is called the housewife.  This style is a dress that has buttons down the torso with crinoline filling out the skirt.  Most often there is a belt separating the torso section from the skirt.  The staple accessories are a pearl necklace and an apron.

The baby doll and campus coed styles are very similar.  Both of these styles consist of a shirt, skirt, slip of crinoline filling the skirt, and black and white shoes.  The differences are minor but important.  The classic baby doll style wears poodle skirts, ruffles on the shirt, sweater resting on the shoulders, and bows in hair that is down and curled out.  The campus coed style wears a plaid skirt, a collared shirt with a sweater over it, and the hair is in a ponytail.

There is also a waitress style.  The waitress dress would be close to the body, but not tight, and the color would be a bright pastel.  The accessories would be an apron, a small simple hat, the hair would be up or cut short, and they would wear shoes or roller blades.

The above-mentioned styles are just a few of the styles that come from the 50’s.  These costumes are classic and fun.  They can be also worn time and again at several activities.

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