Car Show Ideas For The Summer Months

Car shows during the summer months is the way to go. Not only will you have good weather, but you will be able to draw in a bigger crowd. Summers are the perfect time to host a car show.

When you have a car show, however, it is important to do more than just bring in cars. You should have a theme and general idea of how you want the show to run. For example, what type of cars are you wanting to show off?

sock hop costumes

Antique car shows are perfect for bringing in a 1950s theme. Have your employees wear sock hop costumes and bring in decorations that work with the 1950s theme. Sock hop costumes include poodle skirts, jeans, and ponytails. Sock hop costumes can even include roller skates if you want to incorporate a car hop theme to the show.

Try to incorporate the different cars in the show. Ask the manufacturers if they have any material they would like to give away. Some car manufacturers would love to give away pens, Frisbees, or magnets.

Find other things that you can use to give away to guests. Try to use the different car manufacturers logo on various items around the show. You could choose to give out shirts with your car show event name on it, or even different car logos.

People are there for the cars. Be sure to find ways to show those cars off. If the car show goes during the night be sure to have lights available to show the cars off.

It is also important to have enough people on your staff to answer everyone’s questions and concerns at the show. Be unified so everyone can easily identify your employees. A unified uniform would work well. If you are doing the sock hop theme have everyone dress up in sock hop costumes. If you are staying more modern, keep it simple by having employees wear the same solid colored shirt.

Keep your decorations and themes unified as well. You don’t want your show to look messy. Be sure that everything looks put together so it doesn’t look sloppy.

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