Car Hop Safety Precautions

Car hops are so much better during the summer months. You don’t have to worry about roller skating around snow

car hop costumes

car hop costumes

piles or slipping on wet pavement. If you are thinking of hosting a car hop, the summertime is the best time to do it.

When hosting a car hop be sure to remember safety. Safety is very important when you are hosting any type of event. Do your best to keep your employees and customers safe by planning ahead.

Address safety needs before you put on the car hop. Otherwise you will have the chance of things going very badly for you. Here are a few areas to remember when thinking of safety measures for a car hop.

1. Have clear paths. Designate where your employees and customers can walk and travel. If your employees are required to wear a car hop costume that includes roller skates this is especially necessary, since skating in car hop costumes is not always easy.

2. Clearly mark your parking spaces. Your customers need to know where they should park. You shouldn’t have them just park anywhere. Car accidents can quickly happen, or cars can be parked in pathways that you need. Be sure to mark where your customers need to park.

3. Pick up all debris that is on the ground. I cannot stress again how important it is to not have things on the ground when you have employees in car hop costumes and roller skates skating around with food orders. Pick up any garbage or debris that is on the ground as soon as you notice it.

4. Be on the look out for small children. The last thing anyone wants is to have someone get hurt. When you have cars involved, be especially careful to keep an eye out for small children that can run in front of vehicles. If you have an outdoor eating area, be sure to put it somewhere well away from where the cars are driving and parking.

5. Look out for incoming and outgoing traffic. Be sure that nothing is blocking those entrance and exit points. Have your employees be active in keeping the exit and entrance points clear for those driving in and out of the car hop.

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