Activities to Entertain Children on Rainy Days

Waking up on a rainy day can be a real downer on children. To avoid disappointing children who would rather be playing outside, have a few activities on hand to keep children happy. Here are a few ways to avoid having boredom set in your home.

1.      Take a trip to the library. Children can look through the books there and find a few to bring home to read. A change of scenery may be a great way to boost your children’s moods.

2.      Choose educational videos for your children to watch. If your child is bent on watching a movie or playing video games, choose a fun educational ones. They can be found online or at most department stores. Children will appreciate a fun movie to watch, and parents will be happy because there is educational backing to it.

poodle skirt

3. Make an “idea box” together. Children can decorate a Kleenex box and put in fun activities they would like to do on ‘rainy days”. Then, when another rainy day comes they have an idea box to help with their boredom.

4.      Have a tea party with each other. Children poodle skirts can be a fun way of dressing up this activity. Poodle skirts can also come in adult sizes, so both mom and daughter can wear the poodle skirts for the tea party.

5.      Play board games with one another. Educational board games can still be fun but teach children educational things, such as spelling or art. Boggle jr. is a fun game, as are most puzzles.

6.      Have older children do the reverse writing challenge. Ask children to write a sentence backwards. When they are done you can hold it up to a mirror and see how well they did. You may be surprised with the results.

7.    Make cookies together. Children can help you get out ingredients, and help you put them away. When the cookies are out of the oven you can cuddle up with a blanket on the couch together and eat cookies while watching the rain out the window.

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