Lame Last Minute Halloween Costumes

We’ve all been there. It’s 9:30 on the night of the party and you have no Halloween costume ideas. Here are some quick suggestions of costumes not to choose.

However tempting it may be, avoid being the exercise chick

However tempting it may be, avoid being the exercise chick

Exercise Chick: Here’s a tip. If you would wear that outfit on a normal evening, then it doesn’t count as an actual costume. Throwing on jogging pants, tennis shoes and an iPod does not count as a costume. Go back inside and change.

The Frumpy Housewife – We’ve all seen it before, and it doesn’t get better with time. Seeing a woman with her hair in curlers, wearing a bathrobe and a green mask on her face is old news. Try something new that doesn’t have your friends depressed and slightly offended.

A Cowboy – Decking yourself all out in cowboy gear is one thing, but thinking you can pull this costume off by simply putting on a cowboy hat proves just how awful this costume is last-minute. Its comparative to people who wear angel halos and don’t have an angel robe to go with it. It’s better to leave the hat off entirely if you aren’t going to put any effort in to the rest of the outfit.

A Ghost (made out of a white garbage bag) – This costume has slacker written all over it. We’ll be proud of you for cutting holes for ghost eyes, but only because that means you won’t suffocate. That’s about all the props you will receive with this costume. Do yourself a favor and don’t go with this one.

The College Graduate – Can you get any lazier? Who doesn’t have one of these laying around? Seriously, man, go find a hobby.

The Cheerleader – Borrowing your older sister’s costume when you were younger was a little more understandasarah-palinble. But when you take your costume from your roommates closet as an adult costume it just gets embarrassing. We already have enough school spirit without you prancing around in that, thank you.

Sarah Palin – Any brunette with glasses could pull this costume off. Find something a little more original. This ship has sailed.

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