Preparation You Can Do On The Day Of The Recital

The day of a recital is a special day for a dancer. Nerves can run high and it can be easy to forget things. Here is a checklist of common sense things you can do on the day of the recital to help your daughter out on her big day.

Be sure your daughter uses the bathroom before the performance. She may have to wait behind stage for a while and there will be no time for them to use the restroom there. Make sure she has a comfortable performance by using the restroom first.

Lay out her costume for her. She doesn’t have to wear the costume to the recital location, but laying it out will make sure that you won’t forget it. Some teachers prefer them to wear their costume to the recital, while others don’t. Be aware of some of the most common costume mistakes, that we posted about earlier.

Do a last practice session with your daughter. Have her do a quick run through to help her remember her steps. This can help with stage fright, as she can feel a little more confident knowing she has the steps down.

Be sure she eats something before the performance. Have her eat energy foods. Don’t have her eat large meals or anything to heavy that will make her feel ill later.

Be sure to keep your little performer hydrated

Be sure to keep your little performer hydrated

Don’t forget water. Make sure she drinks plenty of water to keep her well hydrated. Especially on performing days it is important to keep energy levels high and be sure she has been drinking plenty of liquids so she can perform her best.

Have your camera batteries charged and ready before you leave. dance-recital-cameraA lot of parents will remember the camera, but are disappointed when the batteries are dead when they are at the performance. Make sure to bring extra batteries, or have them charged before you leave.

Lastly, try to relax. Your daughter may need to rely on you to help with her nerves. If things aren’t going smoothly, take a breath and try to remember to relax.

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