Items to Bring to a Dance Recital

Dance recitals can be a very exciting time for a young dancer, but the performance can quickly change to one of chaos and confusion. Don’t take the chance of having to miss any special moments by running home to grab last minute items for your daughter. Be prepared with the following items:

Makeup- You will want to have some makeup available to do last minute touch-ups. Bring makeup that will match the rest of the class and not bring unneeded attention to your daughter. Remember to touch-up her makeup right before she goes on stage.

The video below gives some great tips on getting your child’s makeup ready for a dance recital.

Camera - Dance recitals, on average, only occur once a year. You won’t want to miss out on any of these special moments. Even if you can’t take pictures during the performance, you still want to remember your camera for the backstage moments and after the recital.

Clear nail polish and extra tights - Runs in tights can ruin a costume ensemble. Tights with runs are easily noticed

Extra tights are a good idea at a dance recital

Extra tights are a good idea at a dance recital

on stage and need to be replaced or fixed before they get worse. Applying clear nail polish as soon as you notice a small run will help stop it before it gets too out of hand.

Snacks - Dance recitals have a tendency to last for a long time, so it is a good idea to bring some nutritious snacks. You want to keep your dancer’s energy level high. Some good ideas for snacks are granola bars, apples, or small crackers.

Bandages - Bring clear bandages in case of blisters. Bright, colorful bandages will easily been seen through light colored tights and be a distraction to the audience. It’s never harmful to be prepared in case of emergencies with a first aid kit.

Pain Reliever- Be certain to bring your own pain reliever with you to the recital. Most teachers won’t be able to give their dance students any Tylenol or other pain relievers. Be prepared with your own pain relief for those last minute muscle aches and headaches that can happen from time to time.

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